Freedom of Movement: Celebrating #CADAnywhere!

Imagine you have the option of using a new email system. It’s fast, it’s state-of-the-art, shiny and chrome – and it practically writes the emails for you. Seems perfect, right? But there’s a catch: You have to download and install a massive application and you can only use it on one computer. Still want to use that email program?

Of course not. Who wants the hassle?

Before Onshape, CAD users had no other choice – they were stuck to one workstation. Even the newest CAD software is restricted to one computer. You can’t travel with it, and in order to collaborate on a project, you have to work separately and combine the two different versions later. Trying to build a bike as a group might lead to something out of a cartoon: a comically undersized frame with massive wheels.

Onshape’s goal was to solve these problems. Onshape users can work from any Internet-enabled device practically anywhere in the world. Yes, I mean ANYWHERE. The photo above shows Onshape’s CEO, John McEleney (on right) with Onshape’s Vice President of Product Definition & UX, Scott Harris, casually CADding on the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska!

No matter where you or your colleagues are, the magic of full-cloud Onshape is that multiple people can now work on the same CAD model at the same time.

Less than six months after the public release of Onshape Beta, our users are truly taking full advantage of “CAD Anywhere.” A recent analysis of usage data showed that most people use Onshape in two or three different locations, and a sizeable proportion use it in four or more places:

Freedom of Movement: Celebrating #CADAnywhere!

Additionally, most of our heavy users use the mobile app as well as the web browser version. They seamlessly switch from their phones to desktops or laptops whenever it’s most convenient:

Freedom of Movement: Celebrating #CADAnywhere!

(The percentage of Onshape users taking advantage of mobile CAD will likely surge now that Onshape for Android has joined our iPhone and iPad app.)

Even so, statistically Onshape Mobile users tend not to venture too far from their home or office. Some users take Onshape with them as far as 5000 km (3000 mi) away from their base, but most tend to stay within 100 kilometers (60 miles):

Freedom of Movement: Celebrating #CADAnywhere!

Many of our users are also part of distributed design teams spread across the country and across the world. The chart below breaks down collaborative usage by how far a user’s design partner(s) are from their home or office. As you can see, 66 percent of Onshape collaboration involves CAD users located more than 50 kilometers (31 miles) apart from each other:

Freedom of Movement: Celebrating #CADAnywhere!

The dream of “CAD Anywhere” is now a reality.

To celebrate, we’re running a #CADAnywhere Photo Contest on Twitter until the end of August. Onshape users can post photos of themselves with their Onshape projects anywhere in the world, tagged #CADAnywhere, for a chance to win awesome Onshape prize packs.

So let us know where you like to CAD!

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Freedom of Movement: Celebrating #CADAnywhere! Freedom of Movement: Celebrating #CADAnywhere!

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