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How Design Teams Take Advantage of Instant CAD Access, Anytime and Anywhere

  It’s not uncommon for project managers to wait forever to give new engineers access to file-based CAD. They first need to buy a new license code from their Value Added Reseller (VAR), a process that can take days or weeks depending on the VAR’s responsiveness. Then the IT department needs to provision a computer and devote several hours for installation per CAD seat.


Can CAD Really Be Fun?

I can still hear the words of a few tyrannical high school teachers who warned us that we were not in class to be entertained – that when we entered the workforce, it would not be all fun and games. Balancing out this doom-and-gloom approach was a buffoonish history teacher who tried way too hard to be our friend. Nearly every assignment involved an art project or other creative spin. I kid you not: We spent three weeks building plastic car models so we’d “understand” the Industrial Revolution.


Why a German Biotech Startup Chose Onshape for Designing 3D-Printed Breast Implants

German biotech startup BellaSeno, which is seeking to develop a more natural and safer alternative to silicone breast implants, has chosen Onshape’s modern cloud CAD system to design the external structures of its 3D-printed implants. BellaSeno researchers are using Polycaprolactone (PCL), a biocompatible and bioresorbable polymer that is already used in FDA-approved and CE-marked products for other medical procedures. Both animal and human clinical trials are scheduled for 2019.