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Why Heuresis Chose Onshape for Portable X-Ray Instrument Design

(Note: On Feb. 11, 2019, Heuresis changed its company name to   Viken Detection.) Most of you have witnessed this scene on one of those cop TV shows: Police raid the apartment of a suspected drug dealer and proceed to rip his couch, pillows, mattresses and walls to shreds as they search for illegal contraband. That’s the old way of doing business.


Introducing Design Data Management 2.0

Today we are introducing our vision for Design Data Management 2.0 and announcing new features related to this theme, including Release Management & Approval Workflow and Simultaneous Bill of Materials. These new capabilities, along with the Parametric Modeling 2.0 innovations we announced in January, are extending our position as the leader in modern CAD technology, giving Onshape customers unmatched power to do their best work without the hassles of old CAD and PDM systems. Here’s the backstory.


Introducing Parametric Modeling 2.0

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of parametric feature-based CAD (for trivia buffs, the first viable parametric feature-based CAD system was Pro/ENGINEER from PTC, introduced back in 1988). This year also marks the emergence of a new generation of parametric modeling that we call “Parametric Modeling 2.0,” incorporating all the power of the older generation, but also extending and improving it in several key areas.