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Can CAD Really Be Fun?

I can still hear the words of a few tyrannical high school teachers who warned us that we were not in class to be entertained – that when we entered the workforce, it would not be all fun and games. Balancing out this doom-and-gloom approach was a buffoonish history teacher who tried way too hard to be our friend. Nearly every assignment involved an art project or other creative spin. I kid you not: We spent three weeks building plastic car models so we’d “understand” the Industrial Revolution.


What CAD Experts are Saying About Design Data Management 2.0

Why are these Onshapers smiling?From left to right, that’s customer support engineer Philip Thomas and Neil Cooke, Director of Technical Marketing, gearing up for the international DEVELOP3D Live conference with CEO Jon Hirschtick last week. In case you were on a remote wilderness expedition, let’s recap Onshape’s exciting announcement about “Design Data Management 2.0” and why it matters to your engineering team.


Look Who’s Talking About Cloud CAD…

In his CAD industry predictions for 2018 shared with Engineering.com, Onshape CEO Jon Hirschtick recently declared that this year would “finally be the tipping point for cloud-based CAD.”